The Basics

Practice on a relatively empty stomach (it’s the same concept as not eating a big meal before swimming or running because the blood flow goes directly to the stomach to process and assimilate your meal), but feel free to have a light snack prior to your practice (if needed).  Please inform your instructor if you’re working with any injuries or any medical conditions so they may assist in providing modifications of the postures if necessary.

Light physical adjustments often are given in a yoga class, so if for whatever reason you don’t want to be touched, please inform your instructor (we honor you and respect that we all come from different backgrounds and experiences).  You will leave class feel invigorated, strong, at ease and with a refreshed mind-frame from which to translate what you learned on your mat into your life (bringing your yoga into your life).
Questions or concerns?  Please contact us; we’re here to guide you through this beautiful journey and experience.  You’ll savor every moment you spend on your mat.

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