Businesses Offering Yoga


We specialize in bringing yoga to your business!    Why you ask?  Because we care about your employees and your bottom line.                    images-1

Allow us to take over  your employee morale building.  Nothing says I care more than providing yoga at work to those who work so hard to keep you at the height of your industry.

We’ll do all the foot work (bare foot work that is), see if you have space for class, gauge employee interest, educate personnel about the many benefits of yoga at work and bring in a highly skilled instructor to teach yoga to the group.  When?  At lunch-time or before or after work between 1 and 4 times per week.  All your staff needs to do is show up!

Yoga in a corporate office is an entirely different experience than yoga in a studio.   The corporate population is special in that they spend most of their day at a desk hunching over a computer screen.   Unfortunately what makes businesses successful by this type of streamlined work comes at a price for the employee.   They end up with stiffness & imbalances all over their bodies.  The tightness settles eventually settles in the hips, and the back,  neck and shoulders and doesn’t go away unless attended to with mindful movement.   Overall the vitality, “life force” and once positive energy gets sucked out of  these dedicated employees that make your business successful.

Our yoga classes are geared to reverse the effects of sitting at a desk all day by carefully opening up the shoulders, hips and back, which renews the vitality they once enjoyed!   The end result of a 1-hour yoga class a few times per week begins to transforms once worn and tired employees to healthy, glowing and productive team members!

Our yoga instructors are trained specifically to teach beginners and the corporate population.  Please inquire about our complementary presentation and chair yoga class to see how yoga will transform your workforce and fuel your staff to sustain your successful business.

Contact:  Sarah Carbone 714 915 0634

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