Practicing yoga has so many scientific benefits!

Yoga Stretching 2-10-09 10

Yoga has many mind/body health benefits.  That’s why this dicipline is popular & practiced by so many around the world.  A few common benefits of a regular practice are included below:

~  Stress reduction:  the number one benefit of yoga.
~  Steadies the mind’s thoughts . . . slows them d-o-w-n….

~ Reduces & often eliminates pain, such as that in the back, neck, shoulders, knees & hips

~ Lowers anxiety & promotes a sense of well being

~  Strengthens (& leans) muscles
~  Contributes to greater range of motion & more stability
~  Helps with sleep quality & reduces/diminishes insomnia
~  Lowers blood pressure
~  Reduces stress

~  Purifies and detoxifies internal organs & glands & makes the skin glow!
~  Improves digestion
~  Strengthens, balances & stretches inactive & tight muscles
~   Increases circulation and initiates blood flow throughout the body & brain
~   Improves nerve function
~   Increases lung capacity (we usually only use 30% of our lungs)
~   Helps calm the mind, enhancing productivity & ability to focus
~   Uplifts mood and boosts energy & stamina (terrific for athletes)
~   Improves mental health & overall well-being
~   Helps calm anxiety & decreases depression (often in conjunction with other
therapies), boosting seretonin & norepenepherine production (our “happy
~   Balances the body & mind and grounds us for life’s inevitables. . .
~   Helps with the anti-aging process (invert, it’s good for you!)
~   Boosts the mood, lifts the spirit, levels the ego & leaves us  content

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