YOGA not only is a physical activity but encompasses the mind, body & spirit connection.  The yoga postures and breathing teachiques are meant to cleanse the body deeply from the inside out and on a cellular & neurological level.  Breathing is fundamental to our asana practice as the heat (or rajas) that’s created begins to burn the impurities & toxins (or mala) in the body.

In your classes with us you always practice within a semi-private setting.  Smaller classes serve each individual better.  You will use discernment and ease strengthening core muscles, stabilizing the areas of the body that are compromised/weaker and developing a keen awareness of and new relationship with your body/mind.   Hormones begin to balance, as will the internal systems of the body (respiratory, digestive, neurological etc.)

Are you tired, worn out, need a break and some space to regroup?  Experience exactly why so many of us are spending more and more time on our mats these days.  Do you have days when you feel as if your body is your iPod and it’s drained of all life-force and energy?   Yoga gives you that charge.  Don’t believe me?  Try it, what so many of us are saying is true.

Please join us for a rejuvinating, strengthening and mind-clearing (yet invigorating) yoga practice.

Namaste (“to you we bow”) and welcome!

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